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Simply Romantic & Dreamy Wedding In Adelaide

I often find myself drawn to the creamy & dreamy wedding setting. The style offers a simplistic, yet elegant and luxurious feel to the over-all look and feel.

Here is a wedding table styled to suit the romantics. I used speckled creamy/oat plates from #ecologyhomewares , gold cutlery, vintage wine & champagne glasses, ivory textured candles from #studiobillie and neutral linen from #tablethreads .

When it comes to styling a wedding, I like to think about the finer detail, and how adding in different elements could create a unique setting that's specifically tailored to my couple.

Not only do I help style my couples wedding, but I help in other areas too.

Coming up with an over-arching theme will not only help you decide on the colour scheme, but it will help you to decide on the other important aspects of your special day - for example the dress!!! Does this dress from #karenwillisholmes not scream dreamy & romantic?

Most of the time, my couples have already locked in a photographer. But if they haven't, I like to help guide them in which photographer is best for their over-all aesthetic. Every photographer has a different style. Some are clean and crisp, others bold in colour, with some leaning towards the more vintage moody look.

As you can see the photographer I chose was (Acacia Chenda) Acacia was the perfect photographer for that dreamy/romantic vibe. The soft and creamy colours were the perfect match for my 'Simply Romantic' wedding shoot.

Stylist: Libby Styles

Photographer: Acacia Chenda

Dress: Karen Willis Holmes

Florist: Petal Paramount

Table: Table Threads, Country Road, Myrtle Beech, Studio Billie, Ecology Homewares

Stationary: Oveladesigns

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